Y-axis lab

Architecture Psychology Artform

A Gallery of Original, Conceptual Architectural Art

 Combining Architecture, Art, and Psychology

This gallery of original architectural art, books, and prints is a

thesaurus of psychological concepts that suggest spatial definitions and synonyms 

for the design of positive architecture  including cultural, civic,

residential, educational, and commercial buildings.

Each artwork includes an explanation of its design intent as space(architecture) and/or 

form(art) and/or behavior(psychology).

          Architecture: houses, a sculpture garden, a mixed-use facility, multi-family housing, installations,

a museum, memorials,a field school,an autism group home,

            an artist colony, an adaptive reuse facility


          Art: 3D line drawings, 3D paintings, 3D sketches, 3D sculptures, 3D collages


          Psychology: empathy, community, altruism, tolerance, humility, equality, original thought,

belonging, permanence, idealism,aspiration, acceptance,

            security, stoic acceptance, infinity, optimism, hope, insight to inspiration,

pragmatism and aspiration, belief and understanding,

            solitude and reflection, tranquility and calm, security and equanimity,

confidence to composure,compassion and assurance,

            contemplation and reason, maturity to perspective, impartiality, civility, esteem, reassurance, honesty, politeness,                       understanding, affability, amiability, considerateness