Conceptual Dictionary of Architectural Psychology:

one of a series of collage sketches combining architecture, art, and psychology.

architecture: an expanded point to an extending static point.                                         art: a metaphorical wind.                                                           psychology: an immersive space that suggests insight to inspiration.
This artwork is one of 10 conceptual design collages used in the development of a human centered design language. Each of these 10 conceptual designs cover an area of approximately 100000 sq. ft.. 
mixed media 17" x 11".
includes:a certificate of authenticity.
artwork is signed on the back by the artist.
shipping included in the price.
Conceptual design is .005% of the construction cost.
(approximately 100000 sq. ft.)($100/sq. ft.)=$10000000.
max.                                  $45000.
shipping cost:                    $750.
total:                                  $45750.

Original Architectural Art:Dictionary of Architectural Psychology:Wind