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Conceptual Architecture

3D paintings(art) combining architecture, art, and psychology that suggest spatial synonyms(architecture) for altruism(psychology)

Form: a translation of painting techniques into an architectural language

Content: an environment that suggests altruism as an extension of empathy; an expansion of overlapping spaces

Marks: Brush Strokes: parallel points, vertical lines, horizontal planes, and continuous forms; Drips: cylinders

Color: Monochrome: Light Color: forms defined by points, lines; Dark Color: forms defined by planes, forms; 2 or more Colors: Cool Colors: forms

defined by points, lines; Warm Colors: forms defined by planes, forms

Symbols: Points: 2 spheres; Lines: 2 cones; Planes: 2 pyramids; Forms: 2 cubes

Texture: space between forms 

Site Plan A(architecture)-Brown and Orange(art)

Site Plan B(architecture)-Orange and Blue(art)

Site Plan C(architecture)-Blue Monochrome(art)

Site Plan D(architecture)-Red and Blue(art)

Site Plan E(architecture)-Red Monochrome(art)

Site Plan F(architecture)-Red and Green(art)

Site Plan G(architecture)-Orange and Green(art)

Site Plan H(architecture)-Green Monochrome(art)

Site Plan I(architecture)-Orange and Blue And Red and Green(art)

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